Villatoro Lawn Care and Landscaping Services


Winter Services


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Our team can handle your seasonal planting. This is a great way to keep your lawn up-to-date during the changing seasons. For general landscape design we will work with, trees, shrubs, deck design and can handle lawn maintenance in Charlotte such as pruning, pine needle removal and stump grinding.

Don’t forget the winter or fall needs of your home or commercial building! We provide quality snow removal, ice removal, salt spreading, and leaf removing.


Stone and rock work adds a natural tone and texture to a beautiful green lawn. This not only can provide aesthetic appeal, it can also do well to support proper irrigation and drainage. Regarding hardscape services our landscapers near Charlotte can provide: Pavers, retaining walls, final grading (new construction), power rake, irrigation system drain, downspouts, and french drains. 

Part of enhancing your landscape can include installation of beautiful walkways that weave into your lawn. This provides a natural flow that looks great as part of your overall design.